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A Romantic Evening in Guatape
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A Romantic Evening in Guatape

Medellin is full of captivating landscapes and pleasurable sunsets but nothing is as romantic or captivating as a night on the water under a moonlit sky in Guatape. Looking for a romantic twist to your vacation stay then head to Guatape a picturesque neighborhood filled with color, attractions, and romance. The town of Guatape is located about 35 miles from the center of Medallion but will take up to 1 hour and 20 minutes by car to arrive and once you see you will see the journey was well worth it. Planning a Romantic evening in Medellin a city you may not be familiar with lends itself to the usual dining, Netflix and back to your rental or hotel Airbnb however Guatape will give you the added assurance and romance you could only dream of without any additional effort.

Guatape offers much to do in the way of thrillseeking for those adventurous couples with tours, boating, hiking, helicopter tours and anything you can think of that involves outdoor activities. But when the sunsets wow this is one thing really come to life a place where you are alone in the quiet comfort of the surrounding nature and trees listening to the night sky and enjoying your favorite glass of wine next to a fireplace as the temperatures drop at night leaving your loved one in your arms embrace to keep warm. To plan a romantic evening in Medellin you should look into the logistics, transportation, housing, and amenities that will be provided. Glamping is a very popular activity for couples however it's short of the high-end services that foreigners often look to when attempting to charm a loved one or new encounter.

Guatape certainly lends its self as a prime destination for glampers however it does also house one crown jewel of them all a Chic Hotel Boutique Name EcoMYNT. Located between the Rock of Penol and the City of Guatape, The ecoMYNT Hotel offers a new concept when it comes to lodging. Focusing on High-end amenities and services the boutique hotel offer10 lavish premium decorated rooms, spacious with king-sized beds, large 50 inch flat screens, speakers, and a romantic décor second to none. The property is located directly on the lake of Guatape and getting around could not be easier as it is located less than a mile from the city and the most famous tourist attractions. A romantic getaway wouldn’t be complete without a night or staying at the property. Each night guests can sit atop the roof of the hotel which is nestled within the hilltop giving you privacy and space to view the nights' sky and all its glory.

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Guests are free to book the rooms as they please individually or look to upgrade the ambiance by having the room decorated to welcome a loved one or impress a significant other. With the romance package from start to finish, your evening out will be like nothing you have experienced prior. A driver will pick you from your destination with your choice of Champagne, strawberries, or anything you deem necessary to make the night memorable from the start. Upon arriving at the property you won't be hassled with a check-in process and your rooms will be awaiting your arrival all decorated with her or him in mind. With some advance planning, we will have our chef prepare a custom tasting menu out by the fireplace with designated times to ensure you have your privacy to dine as you wish alone amongst the stars. From there a boat will arrive to take you on the lake at night and preview the stars from above with dessert and a symphony of music playing in the background for an added level of elegance. When arriving back at the property you will be escorted to your rooms where you can enjoy the remainder of your evening in the peace and quiet of your loved one.

If seeing the bar is something you look to get done when it comes to wooing your significant other on vacation or a weekend getaway then The ecoMYNT Experience is the play for you. The property is available for best rates through our website but you are also free to book through popular online platforms such as Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor to name a few. There are a total of 10 Suites located at the venue each decorated and offering a full-service experience. Of the 10 Rooms, 3 are Master Suites, 3 are Bungalows with SkyViews and sit atop the roof and 4 others offer large spacious accommodations at a more economical price. All rooms feature King Beds, 50´ Flat Screens, Toiletries, 500g Premium Bath Towels, views of the lake and Rock of Penol, and of course access to all the amenities on-site including free beer and coffee!

We are available anytime to discuss options for this phenomenal property contact us online through the website with as submission, Whatsapp +1.305.905.3123 or Instagram: ColombiaBachelor. We look forward to hosting you soon!

Guatape Adventure

Guatape Adventure

  • Transportation:
    Like all our tours we only offer Private Bus Chater , Drinks + FreeWifi onboard ! hell yea..
  • Rock Climb:
    Journey up 180 flights of stairs to reach the summit of South America’s Largest Granite Rock!
  • Boating:
    A Large Boat will take you on to the water for hours of Partying, DJ, Captain & Colombian BBQ Included!
  • Tour:
    A Walking Tour the Historic City Center and preview all the great architecture, food and culture before heading back home!
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A full day of adventure and will be remembered as the milestone for your event.This is our most popular tour and is loaded with everything lasting nearly 8 hours!

Guatape Boat Party

Guatape Boat Party

  • Transportation:
    Hotel pick up & Drop off
  • Boat Rental:
    VIP rentals for a day, supplied with food and drinks
  • DJ:
    Local DJ to host the party
  • Girls:
    Hot girls to chaperon your event.
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