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Cartagena VIP

With its hot weather and women Cartagena is quickly becoming a premium vacation destination for Bachelor Parties, Stags, Guys Getaways and Friendly Retreats. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, this Spanish settlement played host to many epic battles amongst the incoming British and American Colonial Troops and a few pirates to make things interesting. Cartagena's beachfront stretches from the south (BocaGrande) to as far north the Santa Marta Coast line. As a vacationer you will have endless areas to relax along the coastline with or without crowds of people looking to share the sun.

Cartagena is perhaps the best equipped vacation destination in Colombia. Home to numerous mansions, sprawling penthouses, shopping, beaches, 5 star restaurants, yachts, Nightlife and year around hot weather there is no reason not to come visit for a few days. The Airport is located no more than 10 minutes from all the popular destinations, taxi are a plenty and walking around the walled city is encouraged more than being transported around whether it be during the day or night.

The day life in Cartagena plays host to many locals on the weekends and visitors. Its recommend to NOT go to Bocagrande during the weekend as its packed with families and children, rather make your way north to Morros beach where you will find an oasis of premium hotels and condominiums catering to the upper class Colombian Citizen. At Morros Beach its worth the money to rent a condo or penthouse for the day so you an enjoy the private pool and beaches that lay juxtapose to your hotel. If your not one for tanning then try something more adventures like Fly Boarding, Jet Skiing, Kite Surfing these are just a few of the extreme sports available to you for hourly or daily rentals.

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Once you have your day buzz going its time to head back to the Walled City. If you were fortunate enough to plan ahead you managed to reserve a Mansion inside Centro. The most intriguing characteristic of Cartagena is how it has managed to keep it colonial appearance while offering breathtaking accommodations with its numerous penthouses and mansions available for rent. The Accommodations in Cartagena are plentiful and luxurious. Whether you are a group of 6 or 30 we have Mansions available to house your entire party complete with Chef, Security, Transportation and Nightlife Hostesses.

Nightlife in Cartagena

Doing a quick search on 'Best Restaurants in Cartagena' will yield some formidable results but do not limit yourself to the top 10 or 20 as new restaurants emerge seasonally with cuisines from all over the world. Some of our personal favorites include Don Jose, La Langosta, Carmen, Monte Sacro and all the delicious Gelato Shops you will find walking around the cobble stone streets. The gastronomia at a top restaurant in Cartagena will set you back about $55 per person and leaving plenty of room for the high powered nightlife available at the top nightclubs including Babar, Mr babilla, Fragma, Dante and Movida.

The Nightlife in Cartagena kicks in late. Around the hours of 8pm - 12 you will find vacationers walking the streets of the Walled City people watching and buying souvenirs in the streets from the natives. Like most Latin Nightlife things don't get geared up until the stroke of midnight where you will find and overwhelming number of Nightclubs charging your senses to the sounds of Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Electronica and Salsa. Crossover is a popular preference as it tends to accommodate a large crowd of club goers with varying types of music being played throughout the night.

If the entire day actives and Nightlife weren't enough you can still find action in the street but he famous Clock Tower where there are girls hanging out waiting for a man to make their acquaintance or your can make your way into a late night disco such as 'Space' that keeps it lights on until the sunrise.

When deciding on a party destination for your Bachelor Cartagena should always be considered as a formidable option. You will find the local Colombian people to be friendly and the visitors to be sociable thereby setting stage for an explosive week of fun on the shores of this latin Caribbean City.