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Medellin, the capital city of Antioquia in Columbia, is home to almost three million people and is the second largest city in Columbia. It was built in the lap of the Aburra Valley and teems with tropical birds, orchids and parks. It is also the most progressive city in Columbia and the locals are understandably proud of their transportation systems, their parks and the beauty of the flowers which is a major export. It is extremely clean and reflects the pride the people take in their city and in their government’s services.

The night life is hot and jumping and the shopping facilities, restaurants and places of interest will keep you busy for weeks. Top notch tour guides are available and will customize tours to all parts of Medellin and in fact to the lakes, rivers, forests and mountains all over the State of Antioquia. The scenery is stunning and with excellent roads throughout the region, you will not be disappointed.

Tour Guide Services:

  1. Customized tours with hotel collections and drop-offs with all English-speaking guides.
  2. You can have tours that take in the small towns with their colonial architecture and museums, park and bird sanctuaries.
  3. For the outdoors – tours of coffee farms, hiking up and down mountains on foot, horseback or quad bikes, waterfalls, river rafting and bird watching.
  4. You will be given the GPS coordinates so that you can Google your tour and see it in advance.

Some of the best places to visit:

Guatapé & Rock of El Peñol

If you are really fit, you can climb the unique 220 meter high rock, up 700+ stairs, to the top of the Rock of El Peñol. You will have a 360 degree view of the most breathtaking countryside. The rock is surrounded by picturesque farmland and is one of the most popular destinations. When you descend back to earth, relax in the town and walk around the waterfront exploring the little roads with their colourful houses or take a boat ride around the lake. You will see the homes of famous and infamous, celebrities.

Jardin Coffee Region

The beautiful old-world town situated in the Southwest coffee region. Tour the coffee farms, learn about the growing of the beans and taste to your hearts content. The peaceful town plaza will take you back to yesteryear. The breathtaking waterfalls are not to be missed - a must-see on your tour.

City of Medellin

Medellin is a unique city is so many ways. It is a mix of modern and colonial architecture and with weather that stays spring throughout the year, there is never a bad time to visit. The city is full of shopping malls and the friendliest people in Columbia.

Restaurants and eateries in Medellin

There are approximately 697 restaurants in the city from which to choose. It will take you two years to eat in all of them, one a day, before you have to start again at the beginning. Here are a few of the most popular.

Restaurante Barcal

Five-star reviews from customers who praised the service, the food – “Best Iberico ham and Octopus appetizer ever!”. The prices are amazingly low and they vow to go back again and again.


The best prepared and presented Italian food reminiscent of Varzi in the North of Italy. With their Certificate of Excellence, it is no wonder the customers rave about them.

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Restarante Melevo

An Argintinian Steakhouse that has earned it’s Certificate of Excellence. Bigger inside than it looks, the food was superb along with the service and reasonable prices. A must-visit eatery.

For the sweet tooth, go to Crepes and Waffles.

For the best empanadas, try Salon Versalles.

The choices are endless and you can tour over and over and never be disappointed or bored. Medellin is the most exciting city, the most efficient and the friendliest place in Columbia.

Medellin Tour Guide And Services And Best Places To Visit

Make your arrival and stay in Medellin a pleasant and relaxing one by participating in a city tour. For four hours, you’ll get the opportunity to see some of the city’s most famous sites. Whether you’re visiting Medellin for the first time, or frequently stay in the area, an extensive tour is an excellent way to learn about the city’s vast history and culture. The Medellin sightseeing tour is a fun and exciting way to gain knowledge about the area, while getting to see some of the most distinctive landmarks in the capital.

Medellin Tour

During your Medellin city tour, you’ll be accompanied by a bi-lingual translator to ensure that the tour runs as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Lunch is included in the tour price, as well as private bus transportation. Your expert guide will help you discover the fascinating history of the city of Medellin, and how the area has transformed over the decades. From the main avenues and squares, to the historic parks and churches, there’s much to see and learn about when trying to gain history of the popular Colombian city.

During your Medellin city tour, you’ll get to learn about the various facets of the city, while taking in historical facts, cultural aspects, and architectural highlights. The city is full of interesting attractions to visit, including museums and plazas containing beautiful artwork. We invite you to travel with us in our private bus to see the sights, whether solo or with a group. Travel tours are not only educational, they’re also a fun adventure. Make memories you can bring home by learning and discovering new things about the constantly transforming city of Medellin, Colombia.

There are numerous places that each tourist should visit during their stay in Medellin. The Pueblito Paisa, a replica of a traditional Antioquian town, features whitewashed homes decorated with vibrantly colored doors. The town also features a traditional church and town hall. Next, head to Natibura Hill to get an incredible view of Medellin. If you’re looking for more of the city life, take some time to visit Laureles, a beautiful neighborhood filled with delicious restaurants, food courts, and shopping centers. Stop for a traditional Colombian dish or simply window shop.

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The Plaza Botero, located in the center of Medellin, is where you’ll find the unique artwork of Fernando Botero. As one of Colombia’s most famous artists, you’ll want to get a good look at Botero’s sculptures, featuring disproportioned body parts. In the adjacent Museum of Antioquia, tourists can see the world’s largest collection of Fernando Botero’s paintings, as well as colonial, pre-Hispanic, and contemporary art. A short distance away is Berrio Square, essentially the heart of the city, surrounded by buildings and more art, including a statue of Pedro Justo Berrio.

No Medellin city tour is complete without stopping by the most popular neighborhood in Medellin. The posh and sophisticated neighborhood of El Poblado at Parque Lleras features charming streets lined with trees. Stick around to enjoy the sizzling nightlife scene in El Poblado, or continue to check out the city’s other popular attractions before returning back to your hotel. Don’t forget to stop at one of the city’s dining establishments to get a taste of traditional Medellin cuisine first.

If you’re visiting Medellin, one of the first things you should do is tour the beautiful city. Before staying in the city, it’s best to learn about its history, culture, and people, allowing you to better make the most of your time. For more information about any of our Medellin city tours, or to schedule your tour, contact us today.