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Crystal clear waters, amazing sea creatures, and water sports may seem like a vacation that is only possible in movies or our imagination. Let Cartagena yacht rentals change your imagination to reality and give you that well deserved holiday with your loved ones. You do not need to own a boat to have the best boating experience ever, and you can charter and explore the clearest of waters with your family. With our rentals, you are guaranteed first class service on your vacation.

We offer you the best affordable cruise with an option sailing in style to a nearby island with a team of trained crew to take orders from you. Our yacht cruise makes you the captain, and you make the decisions during the cruise.

Our Fleet

We also offer different choices for the cruise according to your preference. We have vessel cruise ship starting from 26 ft. To 100 ft. To accommodate parties for you and your family. Our ships are classy and well-spaced for maximum comfort and they satisfy your imaginations of a cruise vacation. Whatever boat you choose comes with a glorious interior which is equipped to handle a variety of occasions. The vessels are also stocked with top notch entertainment through an onboard bar and a high-quality audio system which runs through the entire vessel. With this entertainment, you and your guests are sure to have the best boating experience you ever imagined. Our cabins are well built from r your comfort while on a cruise to enable you to seat and rest either in the cabin or on the deck.

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luxury yachts
  1. Luxury: 20 PAX, 55 Feet
  2. Large groups: 25 PAX, 74 Feet
  3. Sea Ray: 13 PAX, 38 Feet
  4. Small: 6 PAX, 20 Feet
  5. Economy: 8 PAX, 30 Feet

Our activities

Our cruise promises a unique experience in boating and also offers sea sports and games such as diving, water skiing, and paddle boarding. We also offer snorkeling, kite surfing and other water sports on the clean, clear water.


Your safety is guaranteed on board as our crew are professionals, and the waters are the calmest you will ever see. Your safety on our cruise is our primary responsibility, and we ensure that you are safely returned after your best holiday experience.

Whether you are an adventurous person or a quiet and reserved person, Cartagena Yacht tours has the charter to suit all your preferences. We tailor your perfect vacation to your needs, and it doesn't matter if it's a birthday or an anniversary, and we guarantee that the occasion will be memorable.

Our package

Our vacation spots are always clear with excellent weather for you to anchor the boat and feel the rays of the mild sun on your skin or dive into the crisp blue water. We also offer private getaways on the nearby islands for parties and also on the beautiful coastal line. Your vessel comes with a VIP hostess, a VIP transportation in a limousine to and from your hotel and the yacht of your choice can be reserved for two to six hours. Our fleet offers the best holiday or party experience for both daily and weekly charters.

Cartagena Yacht Rentals offers you a massage, catering, an open bar and a DJ with our VIP excursions. Allow us to treat you like a king/queen and have the best holiday/party while you're at it.