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Guatape Transportation
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Guatape Transportation

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Trying to figure out the best way to get to and around Guatape? Well, you have more than one option. From public transport to private vehicles, there are a number of transportation methods in Guatape to choose from. When deciding on the best mode of transportation for you, consider how many people are in your group, how fast you want to get to your destination, and how much you are willing to spend to get there. Here is a look at some of the most popular modes of transportation in Guatape and their pros and cons.


One of the most popular ways to get to Guatape is by bus. If you are traveling from Medellin to Guatape, there are a series of steps that you must take. You’ll want to start by taking the Medellin Metro to Caribe Station. Expect to pay a fare of about 2,000 COP. Once there, cross the pedestrian bridge to the North Bus Terminal and buy a ticket to Guatape. The bus ride will be about two hours long and there will be stops on the way to pick up passengers. While this is not the most optimal way to get around, it is affordable and offers some great views along the way.


Taxis are also quite common in Guatape. While they can be quite a bit more expensive than bus rides, they offer more privacy and can be quicker than taking the bus. The average cost of a taxi from the nearest airport in Medellin to Guatape is about 100,000 COP, which is about $35 US. The amount of time it takes to get to Medellin is about cut in half, taking just an hour. If you are traveling alone or with just one other person and don’t mind paying a bit more, a taxi is a great choice.


If you don’t want to travel with strangers, you’ll want to rent a private vehicle for your trip to Guatape. There are many professional businesses in Medellin and Guatape that offer rental vehicles ranging from small sedans to larger SUVs that can accommodate larger groups. What makes these services great is that you can have a professional driver pick you up directly at the airport and take you wherever you want to go. The driver will already know his or her way around Guatape and therefore no time is wasted trying to navigate maps.


Uber is not only available in the U.S. This popular ride-hailing company can also be found in other places of the world like Colombia. If you’ve never used Uber service before, the concept is simple. Uber is a peer-to-peer ridesharing service that can be used as a taxi service, food delivery, and various other transportation tasks. Just use the app to schedule a pickup at your location and an Uber driver will pick you up at the scheduled time. Once you arrive, you use the convenient app to pay for your ride. It’s that simple.

When planning a trip to Colombia, you may have a lot on your mind such as where you’re going to stay and what activities you’re going to do. While planning your trip, don’t forget about transportation. It is not always possible to walk everywhere in Guatape and if you’re arriving at the airport, you’ll need transportation to travel to Guatape. Fortunately, there are several safe and affordable options to choose from. During your visit, you may want to test out all of the options to see what best suits your budget and needs. If you are planning to reserve vehicle service, call ahead to make reservations.

Guatape Adventure

Guatape Adventure

A full day of adventure and will be remembered as the milestone for your event.This is our most popular tour and is loaded with everything lasting nearly 8 hours!

  • Transportation: Like all our tours we only offer Private Bus Chater , Drinks + FreeWifi onboard ! hell yea..
  • Rock Climb: Journey up 180 flights of stairs to reach the summit of South America’s Largest Granite Rock!
  • Boating: A Large Boat will take you on to the water for hours of Partying, DJ, Captain & Colombian BBQ Included!
  • Tour: A Walking Tour the Historic City Center and preview all the great architecture, food and culture before heading back home!
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