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If extreme sports or activities are not your thing, consider a tour. There are plenty of tours to choose from ranging from just a few hours to all day adventures.

Guatape Properties for Rent

If you’re planning on visiting Guatape for just one night, you might consider staying in a hotel or hostel. However, if you’re planning on sticking around any longer than that, you will likely want to rent a property in Guatape. Throughout the area you’ll find some amazing and some not-so-amazing house and vacation rentals. While you’ll want to do your research before making your choice, know that there are some beautiful places to stay that are both functional and affordable. Accommodations range from tiny studio apartments to more lavish mansion-eque homes with balconies and other lavish features. Here are some things you should know when searching for properties to rent.

While Guatape could technically be accomplished in a day trip, you won’t want to hurry through the experience. There is much to see, do, and explore and it could take you several days or even weeks to do it right. Therefore, you’ll want to find a nearby property to rent. Where you choose to stay will ultimately depend on what you want to do while staying in Guatape. For example, if you plan to go backpacking or want to spend time in the mountains, you may want to choose a rental property slightly out of town. However, if you plan on exploring the colorful streets of Guatape, search for a rental near the center of town.

Accommodations can range significantly depending on your budget and preferences. Some property rentals are very simple and only contain the basics, while others are more luxurious and offer everything from commercial kitchens to inground swimming pools. However, nearly anywhere you go you can find a clean, safe place to stay with comfy beds, warm showers, equipped kitchens, and beautiful views of the local scenery. That is all you can really ask for while staying abroad.

Many people who visit Guatape want to know how much it costs to stay there. It is true that staying in Guatape can be expensive if you eat out at waterfront restaurants on a daily basis and rent accommodations by the lake. If you have the money for it, this can be a wonderful way to spend your time in Colombia. However, if you’re on a budget know that there are many affordable alternatives. Staying in an area of town that is busier and more targeted towards travelers can help save you a lot of money if you are planning to visit for an extended period of time.

You’ll also want to consider when you are going to visit Guatape. December through March is the dry season which means warmer weather and sunny days. You can expect the area to be busier during this time which also means more expensive and harder to find accommodations. There is another dry season that lasts from July through September. This can also be a good time to visit but expect to pay a little more. If you don’t mind a little rain, you can save money by visiting outside of these months.

If you are planning an upcoming trip to Guatape, you may be contemplating where you should stay. While many people automatically start looking for hotels, that is not always the best option, especially if you are traveling with a large family or group. Renting a property either in town or nearby is often a better solution. A private rental will provide your group with more privacy and you’ll have more room to spread out and enjoy your surroundings. Many people will rent on their properties on a weekly basis which gives you more flexibility during your travels.

Guatape Adventure

Guatape Adventure

A full day of adventure and will be remembered as the milestone for your event.This is our most popular tour and is loaded with everything lasting nearly 8 hours!

  • Transportation: Like all our tours we only offer Private Bus Chater , Drinks + FreeWifi onboard ! hell yea..
  • Rock Climb: Journey up 180 flights of stairs to reach the summit of South America’s Largest Granite Rock!
  • Boating: A Large Boat will take you on to the water for hours of Partying, DJ, Captain & Colombian BBQ Included!
  • Tour: A Walking Tour the Historic City Center and preview all the great architecture, food and culture before heading back home!
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Guatape has quickly become one of the most popular places to visit in Colombia.