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Year by year more activities are becoming available in and around Medellin but no place has seen such growth as Guatape. Known to be a dead stop for smugglers this small pueblo has grown up tremendously in recent years, and now plays host to some of the Antioquia's mega mansions and largest attractions.

The main staple of this small pueblo nestled in the Andes Mountains still remains to be the 721 ft Stone that sits 7,000ft above sea level and can be seen from miles away much like the Eiffel Tower is to France. This mineral deposit is more than a symbol on the periodic tables as it gives rise to many exciting attractions and Day Life. The Barrio itself is picturesque and quaint filled with local shops small restaurants and vendors selling their life story for a handful of change but the charm is more than overwhelming as is the tour experience. Heavy investments have been taking place with the recent completion of the Boardwalk which faces the massive man-made Lake one one-side and the City on the other. The Boardwalk is slowly becoming the artery to the area by delivering a pleasurable way to walk/run along the water and enjoy the higher end restaurants and entertainment.

The Lake around Guatape was birthed around 40 years ago and since that time more and more exciting attractions have become available. Most notably boating and anything involving water-sports including jet skiing, fishing, fly-boarding and if your daring hand-gliding is also now an option. The weather is tricky usually hot during the day with moderate showers in the afternoons while really cooling down towards the evening. Guests that are planning an overnight stay in Guatape will definitely need a jacket to make it through the night.


Arranging any type of Planned Event should be done in advance. If your a small group at a minimum you will need transportation, boat rental and a guide to walk you through the Pueblo. For larger groups 6 or more your options really narrow and you don't want to be stuck on a shared resources tour with other groups on buses, boats or other travelers so go private at all costs. We recommend at a minimum having a Hostess, Transportation and Boat Rental reserved all other resources required cant be performed later on exclusive of staying at a private mansion for a few hours. We offer Guatape Party Packages which include a full service fiesta with Catered food, Hosts, Boat Rentals, Private Transportation and Guides to help you get through the day long experience.


Renting boats in guatape is mostly done through local whereabouts and is not widely advertised online so renting a vessel for the day is something you can contact us in advance to assist you in planning your day on the water. You should be prepared to arrange all the necessary services in advance including DJ, Food/Liquor, Decorations or any other special services needed as resources are limited in the town. There are no yachts to choose from however many Pontoon and Houseboats are available for rent. The condition of most boat rentals re not great so be sure to ask for pictures and videos of the vessel beforehand.



There are a few options when it comes to renting a Property to host guests for a few hours or the day. We recommend doing half day rentals of Mansions in Guatape this way you can still enjoy all the activities in the surrounding area without surrounding your entire day to lounging around and drinking beer which really isn't such a bad idea. Its not advised to host any type of loud event at night although during the day its mostly permitted. In these parts of the country you will be bringing your own party so any supplies and services you would like to have made available upon your arrival should be handled in advance. The idea of arriving to Guatape by Bus performing an activity the most common being climbing the Rock then spending some time on the water before arriving to the Mansion for BBQ Lunch, DJ and some Hot Tub actions is probably the best way to spend your day.


water sports

Getting on he water is the best way to enjoy the adventures in Guatape. Aside form the standard boat rental there are options for adventurers including Jet-Skiing, Water Skiing, Fly Boarding and more. The costs for these services usually start at $45 per half hour and most can be rented upon your arrival to the lake unless its a Sunday when it is very busy and not recommended day to visit. Access to Speed Boats are mostly acquired through private means although ColombiaVIPServices is able to rent these vessels to you in addition to providing access to Banana Boats, Floats, Skiis, Knee Boards and other watercraft accessories.


Mom and Pop shops as well as small local restaurants are plentiful in Guatape. There are no 5 star restaurants as of yet but as the city grows these resources will be made available with time. What you will find are local family run restaurants that serve mostly Parrilladas which are plates of chopped meats along with any of the common appetizers and sides you are used to. Private Chef Services can be arranged along with catering assistance for large group, weddings, bachelor parties or corporate events at the lake. Its really best to walk the small Pueblo and have a look at the menus outside of the restaurants to come to a decision as long as its not Sunday afternoon you shouldn't have to much of an issue finding group seating.


The transportation time is 90 minutes and could be longer depending on the time of day and type of vehicle. It is recommend you follow our advised departure times to ensure your journey is a smooth as possible. For private Guatape Bus Charters you have the option to enjoy your travels as you wish by eating at local restaurants, touring the city of Rio Negro and Penol as well as taking hikes along the trails prior to arriving. We offer a full range of vehicles for transport including standard sedans, SUV, Mini-Buses, Sprinters and larger 32 and 48 passenger buses ensuring your commute is a convenient as possible. In addition, we can furnish your transport with drinks, snacks and any other refreshments you wish giving you a customized experience from door to door.

Enjoying excursions to Guatape is the most recommended tour we can offer to you. For any traveler staying 4 or more days in Medellin it is the Top excursion option and lasts anywhere between six to eight hours door to door and will vary depending on the number of activities you have arranged. The Guatape Excursions and Adventures we offer are just that and you can customize your package to your liking. To enjoy the City at its best allow us to quote you on a service that can as simple as Transportation or more custom to include Renting a Mansion, Private Event/Event or Planning a day on the water our Guatape Packages are fit for any person and group size.