Guatape Watercraft Rentals
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Guatape Watercraft Rentals

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Guatape is the largest manmade lake in Colombia and with it comes numerous water activities which can be enjoyed during the day and at night. Whether you look to rent a boat or something more adventurous like a watercraft there are a plethora of watersports available to you for daily and hourly rental. The fleet of options includes Jet Skis, Speed and Pontoon Boats, and all the water accessories you can think of. Let's have a look at some of these options in greater detail so you can decide which rentals would suit you best.

Jet Skis

jet skis

No explanation is needed here. Jet Skis are a popular activity and are available in quantity for large groups. There are a few operators at the main pier, however, it's best to rent them in advance in order to ensure their availability especially on weekends. There are 2 types of Jet Skis the standard version with 2 seats and the Sport Version which can vary from 2 to 3 seats and are newer. Rentals are available for intervals of 30 or 60 minutes and longer times if needed. The Prices range from $50 and $80 for 30 and 60 minutes, respectively for the standard jet-skis and $85 and $120 for the sport version.

Speed Boats

These boats offer a nice balance of speed, comfort and are fun for all group sizes. Usually accommodating up to 8 persons these boats are capable of towing tubes, bananas, or any other water inflatable. The accessories are not included with the standard boat rental and must be requested beforehand in order to guarantee its availability. Boats are available for hourly rentals starting at $120.

Wake Boats

guatepe watercraft

For the professionals that take to the water, Wake Boats are highly customized versions of the speedboats designed for pulling wakeboards, skis, or other inflatables. If you're looking to show off your skills on the water then the Wake Boats offer you the versatility you're looking for when it comes to speed and accessories. They come in limited quantity only 2 are available and are occupied most weekends so it's highly recommended you book in advance.

Fly Boarding

Always eye-catching when seen from a distance this activity is exciting, to say the least. Powered by Jet Ski propulsion the Fly Board will elevate you up to 20 feet in the air if you allow it to glide over the water at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. Reservations are required on weekends as there is only 1 provider of this service in Guatape.


Anybody can enjoy time on the water on these 1 and 2 person kayaks. Offered as a free service for guests staying at The ELeMYNT Hotel, the Kayaks can be enjoyed by anyone seeking an economical alternative to enjoying a day on the water. Rentals are available for 1 hour, half-day, and full-day options.

Paddle Boarding

Another fun activity for couples or those looking to enjoy a leisurely day on the water. Paddle Boarding is a service delivered by the ELeMYNT Hotel and is free to guests staying at the property but can be rented by visitors if done in advance. It is a great hit for groups of all sizes and does not require a skill other than balance to enjoy.

The water activities available in Guatape are plentiful from beginner to advanced options each individual will enjoy your time on the lake regardless of their own personal needs. Renting any of the watercraft can be done online through our website and is always recommended when visiting on weekends. In addition, we can offer custom events and training for individuals seeking to learn the ins and outs of some of these popular water sports during your stay.

Guatape Adventure

Guatape Adventure

  • Transportation:
    Like all our tours we only offer Private Bus Chater , Drinks + FreeWifi onboard ! hell yea..
  • Rock Climb:
    Journey up 180 flights of stairs to reach the summit of South America’s Largest Granite Rock!
  • Boating:
    A Large Boat will take you on to the water for hours of Partying, DJ, Captain & Colombian BBQ Included!
  • Tour:
    A Walking Tour the Historic City Center and preview all the great architecture, food and culture before heading back home!
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A full day of adventure and will be remembered as the milestone for your event.This is our most popular tour and is loaded with everything lasting nearly 8 hours!

Guatape Boat Party

Guatape Boat Party

  • Transportation:
    Hotel pick up & Drop off
  • Boat Rental:
    VIP rentals for a day, supplied with food and drinks
  • DJ:
    Local DJ to host the party
  • Girls:
    Hot girls to chaperon your event.
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