Property Management Services in Medellin
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Property Management Services in Medellin

Property Management

Making a foreign investment with the expectation that your asset will yield is dependent upon a number of factors. We are a boutique firm that currently manages the 6 of the Top Performing Airbnbs in Medellin along with a strong alliance for all the services listed below in Cartagena and the Island of San Andres. We take a holistic approach to managing every detail of our service is curated to deliver yield with minimum investment and stress. Here is a list o the services we provide when it comes to finding, managing, and renting your property in Medellin.

Property Management

Managing properties is more than just a maintenance team coming to the rescue late in the night. Where most property management companies fail we excel why? Because we are vested in the success of our clients due to our performance optimization pricing schedule. Our team has successfully built, administrated, and sold several properties in the great Medellin area and still to this day operate the top-performing Airbnb properties online. You can hold us accountable at every step of the way we will not shay away as we have a proven track record for excellence n we look to share that same experience with you when you join our team.


Property Management

Nobody enjoys receiving a midnight phone call to fix a water main break or leaky faucet much less in a foreign country. We offer a 24x7 property management team to handle any issues occurring at the property at all times. We are equipped to take on the toughest tasks which can include welding, plumbing, drywall, foundation leveling you name it there is no task too big. We ensure your Airbnb or Rental Apartment is always ”Review Ready” to have guests stay and crush with 5 stars every time!


The designs we employ will cater to the demographic and clientele you look to receive at your properties. Each property is different and is unique in today's market place will guarantee the survival and longevity of your Airbnb rental property in Medellin. The most important element outside of location is the appearance of the property not just the finished product but images and videos that drive awareness. We plan each of our designs with the clients demographic in mind which includes age, style, budget, decor, etc, and build out the render for you to approve the process in order before moving forward. You will become part of the ingenuity and creativity that finally reveals itself in the final product.

Photoshoot staging

We all know the power of imagery staging a photoshoot will entice the best prices and bidders. We will stage a shoot on your behalf bringing in a professional photographer, decorations, and furniture if needed. We take everything into account competition, lighting, and ambiance to ensure you position yourself to be a player in the market on day one. Photos are taken in the day and night and multiple photos of spaces are provided to deliver depth and a comprehensive portrait of your service for online consumption.


Property Management

Purchasing items to furnish your property can be a daunting task. Heading over to the nearest furniture store is an option but it's expensive. We will create a portfolio of products needed to furnish your property from the start. Everything is taken into account TVs, Cleaning appliances, kitchenware, rugs, decorations you name it. The procurement of the items can be done by us locally or we can create a cart for you with links to every item to be approved and paid remotely. In addition, we are able to source items from China including large or rare pieces not available in Colombia (high-End Jacuzzis, Artwork, and more).


Property Management

We found our roots in the construction business here in Medellin. All projects are done professionally with architecture renders, topography assessments, licensing and permitting, insurances, and qualified professionals to carry out all components of the buildout. Constructing your dream property can be streamlined as we guide you through the milestones of achievements giving you access to view the process via a live video feed so you can make key decisions and changes in real time.

Property Hunting (Find and Review)

Finding the perfect piece of real estate or home takes time. Our approach to finding your rental property begins with a survey of your desired outcomes, investment budgets, timelines, and risk. We take into account all these factors when we look to close on a property for you. Nobody hunts for Real Estate like ColombiaVIP we use a methodical approach to finding properties only locals would have access to and put boots on the ground to walk the neighborhoods in order to find the best values and gems your in search of. When closing on a property lawyers write up contracts to finalize the procurement and can be tied to an individual or corporation.

Property Management

The property management services we offer in Medellin are all-inclusive and will give you a competitive edge in all facets of your rental business. We focus on more than just maintenance through our own personal experience and knowledge we can make recommendations and decisions that will lead to profits that you never thought imaginable. In addition, due to our sourcing abilities, we can procure goods and services locally or source them from other countries as we have the experience on hand to do so. The service you seek to hire to manage your property or real estate in Medellin is the best business decision one can make when transacting and investing in Colombia.