Mansions & Villas
Medellin Mansions & Villas

  • 9 Master Bedrooms
    8 Person Jacuzzi
    3 miles from parque lleras (2 miles from Tesoro Mall)
    4,000 Sq Ft
    Spacious Finca overlooking all the sites of Medellin

Medellin Mansions & Villas

The second largest city in Colombia, is home to a plethora of luxury rentals. Poblado and Parque Lleras is where you can find several villas and mansions available for bachelor parties, vacation rentals, or upscale getaways from home. With personalized service and plenty of VIP service options, you can live the lap of luxury during your stay in Medellin. Our handpicked VIP rentals are not only extravagant in appearance, they also come equipped with a full range of amenities for your entertainment and pleasure.

Planning a party? Whether you’re throwing a bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party, graduation, or any other type of celebration, one of our spacious villas is the perfect place to congregate with a group of close friends or family. All Medellin mansions have been approved for partying, ensuring that you can get as loud or as wild as you’d like without being disturbed. Surrounded on all four sides by a mountainous region, Medellin is considered one of the safest and more pleasant big cities in Latin America today.

medellin mansion party

So what exactly do you get with a Medellin villa rental? During your stay, guests will receive daily maid service and complimentary breakfast. Guests will also be provided with a security watchman, ensuring that you and your guests feel safe and secure throughout the duration of your stay. The rooms are fully furnished, allowing to make yourself at home and get comfortable within minutes of your arrival. Our mansions start at just $600 per night, and include access to one of our spacious rental homes fit for a king.

In addition to one of our Colombian mansions or villas, guests will also have the opportunity to splurge on our VIP services. Make your stay as easy and stress-free as possible by obtaining a few services designed to make life simple during your stay. Our VIP services include hostesses and/or guides, which is a must if you’re new to the area. If needed, we also offer private transportation. Receive private pickup of you and your guests in one of our luxury limousines or other VIP vehicles. We also offer VIP nightlife perks, such as access into the area’s hottest clubs.

Our mansions and villas are located in some of the most beautiful and conveniently set areas in Colombia. Guests are just a short drive away from some of the best restaurants, casinos, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. Some of our rentals are also within walking distance of the famous Parque Lleras, one of the best and most beautiful neighborhoods. Whether you need a large and spacious home to host a family gathering, or require a decked out vacation rental for a large social group of friends or co-workers, Medellin is your go-to city.

modern style wall
Modern Style Wall

There’s nothing like the privacy and exclusive luxury of a grand mansion. Seeking a weekend of rest and relaxation? Or perhaps you’re looking to achieve a romantic atmosphere for you and your significant other? With extravagance all around you and no interruptions, you can rest assured that your stay is a restful one. Our versatile accommodations allow you to eat when you want, sleep when you want, go out when you want, and party when you want.

Vacationers have been traveling to Colombia for decades, partially due to its beauty and affordability, and partially due to its unique culture and adventure opportunities. The vacation rentals in Medellin come in all sizes, both small and large to accommodate groups of all sizes. For more information about our VIP rentals, contact us today.