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Medellin Pool Parties

What would a Bachelor Party be without a Pool Party in Medellin. No, we don't mean bringing a few invited guests and playing music. These parties are our companies Trademark Service with hotels and events hiring our staff to put that energy into play from the afternoon into the late hours of the night. The Medellin Pool Party concept was coined in Ibiza perfected in Vegas and now lives on in Medellin. Putting your own party together is not an easy effort as there are a number of logistical needs including the primary one, a location!

The Fincas and Mansions we work with are great venues to host such an event. The Pools are large in size with adjoining jacuzzi's can that accommodate 50+ People with direct access to the hot sun. Don't let the weather in Medellin worry you a bit it is very predictable and often sunny year around most of the rainfall that does occur is for a day or day and happens at night. But do note, planning for party like this must happen at-least a few days or weeks prior if time permits to have everything well organized.

There is a tremendous amount of work that is done for such an event including hiring a DJ, Menu for the Chef/BBQ, Inviting Guest and Friends of Friends, Actors/Performers, Decorative Services anything to heighten your sense and make the party memorable. The Pool Party gets started around the late afternoon and continues on through the night. If you are staying one of our ‘Party Approved' Fincas then you will enjoy the luxury of spending the night on the Farm. In the event you are staying at a hotel and they do not permit this type of private gathering then we will need to rent a Finca for the day/night. Rest assured we supply everything the only thing you are responsible for is having a good time!

Pool parties that are hosted by local Clubs are hard to find which is why we specialize in creating our own. Most of the People that attend these parties leave town each weekend into the interior to celebrate with their Friends and Families on private Finca's. If you are lucky enough to be in Medellin when a party is being hosted it will be at the Charlee Hotel at the end of the month at Club Envy. But don't expect fireworks these parties are hit or miss and certainly not worth planning your stay around if you are going to be in town for only a few days.


The Pool Party continues to be the hottest even and service we offer. It gives you all the elements and time to enjoy the party at your leisure with no time line to ‘Seal the Deal' like you get when your out at clubs. Having the comfort of being at you own home to do as you please and party is something every Bachelor Party should look to experience when visiting Medellin.

Looking for the high powered pool party experience sought out only in Vegas and Ibiza in Colombia? Forget about lounging around a Hot Tub trying to fit 15 guests into a bowl filled with water. The Private Pools we have for rent in Medellin and Cartagena ensure your Party is energized throughout the day into the night. We have pools located in the Heart of Parque Lleras and in neighboring Fincas and Farms no more than 15 minutes away which guarantees you a great guest turn-out for your event.

Our Pool Party Packages start with a Professional DJ equipped with state of the art equipment, speakers and mixers to spin things up from the start. Once the music gets moving the party starts to get fluid with Invited Guests, buffet style Colombian BBQ , Massage Therapists , Fireworks and Cirque De Soleil Performances to keep the crowd entertained at all times. The Pool Parties we have to offer you are completely custom to your needs but we have perfected the perfect package bringing the best of what only a Hotel or Nightclub could once offer directly to you at a fraction of the cost!