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Stag Do

    We enjoy a catered BBQ food buffet with hostesses, bartender and Dj to acclimate the bachelor and Toast the Start of the Night!
  • Party Bus:
    Enjoy a bus loaded with all the goodies, liquors and dancers for 2 hrs of high octane excitement.
  • Clubbing:
    A premium table Awaits the group upon arrival with premium liquors and a NIghtClub VIP Host to attend to any requests. Dj Shout Out and Special party announcement.
  • Private Transportation:
    Bus Drop at Property or Parque lleras
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An all inclusive experience that will get you exposed to all of the excitement medellin has to offer . The base package includes the following and can be customized to your liking…

Strip Clubs Crawl

  • Limo Transfer
  • Hit 3 Top Strip Clubs
  • VIP Hosttess
  • VIP Seating
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Last Supper

  • Limo transfers
  • Dining
  • Nightclub bottle service
  • Gentlemens’ Club VIP Entry
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Latin America’s offers a more relaxed approach to personal intimacy in its clubs. There aren’t any traditional ‘Western’ Strip Clubs which focus more on the entertainment factor than on the actual product. The larger Girl Clubs in Medellin do however offer up this element where you have Girls Dancing on a Poles and you can preview the occasional lap dance being had by the neighboring party. The approach here is far more subtle the women enjoy having conversation and not be rushed into performing a service rather taking your time establishing rapport and enjoying the atmosphere is what will ensure your night is a grand success.

There are two common terms for the working girls in Medellin, they are Puta and Pre-pago. So , what’s the difference? A Pre-Page is a girl that does not work the streets or clubs she probably lives at home with her family and does a service from time to time to earn extra money. Pre-Pago’s cost more than Puta’s but they are around the party atmosphere far less and can offer you more of a girlfriend experience and possibly something longer term if there is a connection. Putas are simply girls that work the street and spend considerable time in the clubs they are fun and like to party. Their price is cheaper than a Pre-Pago but you need to be a bit more careful around them as they are bit more street than the regular Paisa.


All the Strip Clubs in Medellin enforce a cover charge. Bottle Service is recommended as it will save you money when sharing it amongst a group of 4 or more usually around $90 USD is the total after all taxes and tips. The larger venues do accept credit cards for all their services and some have an onsite ATM should you need to withdraw money. Purchasing drinks for girls is part of the culture so do it and don’t complain this will set you back about $10 per drink but remember your there to enjoy the ambiance and the personal interaction with a fellow female not just score!

The most notable clubs in town are La Isla, San Diego Show, Fase II and Luna Lunera. All these venues are within a few minutes of each other. The Girl Tour we offer is a good option for you to see the sites however only 1 or 2 are going to deliver the top end quality you are looking for. The people of Medellin are a private people, Yes the traditions of South America and the openness to sexuality does pervade their culture however it is kept behind closed doors. If you don’t know your way around then you can count on being taken to the Gringo Places as you become familiar with the culture you will begin to discover that the best quality is not dancing on the stage.

When your looking to get around Medellin and visit some of these venues please DO NOT use a taxi. In fact, do not use taxi’s at night only during the day do we recommend their us. In the night Taxi’s are not recommended because they only take you to places that offer kickbacks and sometimes you could end up in bad areas of town, please avoid doing this. Don’t be stupid and try to save a few dollars hiring a Taxi as guide if you don’t value their insight where you live at home why would it be any different in Colombia? The best way to see the talent is to hire a private driver/bus this way you have the security of knowing you are being taken to the venues you request or the ones we setup for you.

The secret to Medellin are the private houses that are open during the day mainly to Business Men. The best options and quality are located here in these clubs and they are safe, clean and offer a great break from the days’ routine activities. A lot of these venues offer massage services as well so you can enjoy a relaxing experience for a few hours with some beautiful women without paying a fortune.