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Medellin Fonda's Bar

If you are fortunate enough to land into Jose Maria Cordova during the day you will be see the breathtaking landscape, sprawling mountain ranges and the well manicured traditions of Medellin and its surrounding cities. Nightlife Takes on a whole new meaning here. Yes there are the traditional Electronic Clubs like Sixteena and Reggaeton/Doxis however the best TALENT and we mean BEST are found at the Local Fonda's.

A Fonda in the traditional days was a 'Trading Post' if we had to compare it to the Wild West of the United Stated. These stations are were Farmers, Journey Men and Coffee Plantation Owners would go to do almost anything! If we went back in time you would come to Fonda to transact in commerce, eat, sleep and most likely find a mate for the night. The Modern Days Fonda's in Antioquia Medellin look similar to the days of old however they are modernized with the guests that occupies its tables nightly and on weekends.

Medellin Restaurants

Making your way down the hill will land you on the steps of Parque Lleras. Also a good place to dine you will find a greater balance of restaurant delicacies from Fast Food, Street Vendors to higher end eateries even a Hooters! Triada, Lucia and Basilica are landmark dining locations in lleras. They offer a Fusion/Mixed Menu of mostly western cuisine with all the popular items you’ve come to enjoy including a Salad Bar and Sushi. If you are dining on off hours its advised to stay with these popular locations as they will surely be open on holidays, weekends and off hours.

Within Lleras you will find an abundance of street and fast food readily available. The quality is good and available late into the night to coat your liquor filled bellies. Next to the Park adjacent to Habanos is Fried Chicken served until 4am and its worth trying. Also, there is a a Crepe Cart (Yellow With Black Lettering) located on the southeast side of the Park here you will find the Best , yes the BEST tasting sandwich in Medellin.

Fonda's Bar

In your first encounters with The Paisa People you will genuinely feel their warmth and kindness and its no surprise that when you visit these Fonda's as a large group you will see the same energies and traditional play them selves out in a more social setting. The Fonda's in Medellin are highly recommended for you to attend but DO NOT go as a guy group. Yes there are numerous women more than men however they are often in groups and its not the Colombian culture to be social or intrude in on other guests even if your just looking to chat, not recommended.

Fonda's are where you go to enjoy! Set your mind free of the mental mind fuck of meeting a women every-time you are out. Can it happen in a Fonda sure but your odds are best left to chance in Parque Lleras or a larger nightclub like Fahrenheit. The setup and decor of the Fonda is humorous. There are endless Christmas lights, antiques, car tires basically anything that has an ascetic appearance you will find pasted to the wall. Batman Figurines, Hello Kitty, James Dean, Clint Eastwood Photos, Russian Army Helmets are just come of the objects you can expect to see, it's almost like a garage sale inside of the Night Club!

Make your way to a Fonda with a Group a mixed one preferably and be sure to have reservations done in advance. These venues are packed on weekends and you will spend hours being entertained by on stage performers, endless alcohol consumption, dancing and of course a full food menu to order from, its an experience.

So you think its for you? Well of course it is or we wouldn't write about it on our website. The best Fonda's in Medellin are Chismosas, Dulces Jesus Mio and Chieflados to name a few. You can find several good ones inside Parque Lleras too and they are visible from the street if you are walking by however the ones mentioned by name require a 5 - 10 minute taxi ride. The Fonda's get packed at around 11pm and like we mentioned if you had not made a reservation forget about going with a big group. VIP Reservations still require you to pay head cover and purchase a minimum amount of liquor/bottles per guest usually 1:5 is a good ratio in addition to whatever additional Colombian cuisine you would like to be served throughout the night.