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Medellin Nightclubs

There are fair amount of Nightclubs in Medellin that can offer any size group the top talent you would come to expect. Depending not the venue you select you can expect to find a certain type of clientele in attendance. In Parque Lleras the majority of the crowd is around or under the age of 25. The venues in Lleras are cheap there are numerous liquoreras on the street where you can purchase a bottle sit on the sidewalk and hit on groups of girls walking by. The Venues are not as organized as you would come to expect from a type local nightclub such as Sixttina or Doxis however they are fun to attend and there is no shortage of talent on its dance floors.

Club Hopping in Parque Lleras is a preferred way of moving around the area. The action is non-stop with numerous bars hosting different crowds of people dancing to Salsa, Bananato, Reggaeton, Dance Hall and Hip/Hop. Some of the more notable venues include Office, La Clinica and the newly opened Luxury. These are just a few of more eccentric dance clubs available for you to attend. For those of you that are adventurous and look to venture outside of Lleras we recommend going to Barrio Colombia (Doxi’s) after midnight and if you haven’t gotten enough then close out the night into the early morning at Fahrenheit.


Head north about 2 blocks from Parque Lleras (walking Distance) and you will reach Provenza. Here is where you will find the age demographic to be in it’s late 20’s to 30’s and far more affluent that then the crowds that reside further down Calle 10. The streets of 34-37 are lined with notable restaurants and trendy bars. If you are in search of some good Gastronomia this certainly where you should start before making your way into the Suburbs where food prices can double depending on the Barrio. Popular Bars in Provenza include ‘VinTrash’ we personally love this one, Burdo more of a cross-over with deep house but has a good crowd and Social where there are masses of people in attendance any day of the week.


On any given weekend and on first visits to Medellin its recommended you remain in Parque Lleras or Rio Sur. About 10 minutes from Parque Lleras you will find Mid Rise Office Buildings with Nightclubs and Restaurants just across the street from Mall Oviedo. Ask any cab and they will know where to go if your having trouble making your way over drop the club name Sixttina. A multilevel Electronic Dance Venue Sixttina can be the best nightclub in Medellin or not so good. Before coming here you need to inquire with ColombiaVIPServices to find out if there is an event and if that’s the case go and get bottle reservations because the venue will be sold out and packed with talent. If you are not fortunate enough to make it inside that shouldn’t be a problem as there are a few other discs and bars directly next door where you can spend the remainder of your night.

Within Medellin if you look hard enough you will find an adequate nightclub. Although we don’t recommend going by yourself or a large group as many of the Girls are already in the company of others and its not very common that you will see them in a Nightclub Paying for Bottle Service on their own. If ‘Gaming’ is your thing then keep the activity in Lleras and the Malls as there is top talent walking their halls during the day. Afternoons are quiet this isn’t Vegas however you can find some nice talent in the Malls and sometimes girls walking solo if this is your thing then we recommend heading to Premium Plaza, Mall Oviedo and Mall Mayorca.

Medellin Nightclubs PACKAGES

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Stag Do

    We enjoy a catered BBQ food buffet with hostesses, bartender and Dj to acclimate the bachelor and Toast the Start of the Night!
  • Party Bus:
    Enjoy a bus loaded with all the goodies, liquors and dancers for 2 hrs of high octane excitement.
  • Clubbing:
    A premium table Awaits the group upon arrival with premium liquors and a NIghtClub VIP Host to attend to any requests. Dj Shout Out and Special party announcement.
  • Private Transportation:
    Bus Drop at Property or Parque lleras
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An all inclusive experience that will get you exposed to all of the excitement medellin has to offer . The base package includes the following and can be customized to your liking…

Pool Party

Pool Party

  • Entertainment:
    includes DJ, Bartender, Maid Service & hostesses… Essential services to keep the event moving forward for 6hrs
  • Colombian BBQ:
    puts on display the mastery of a local chef in preparing custom dishes and a variety of meats, fish and poultry to your liking
  • Drink Bar:
    a setup like no other with mixing station and Attendees to service anyones drink request!
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Re-live your finest moments in Colombia in the privacy of your own property rental. Pool parties can be hosted during the Day or Night and this event is certain to be the centerpiece of your stay… Includes the following


Pablo Escobar

  • Transportation:
    Private bus charter with goodies on board to service you during the tour
  • The Sites:
    You will come face to face with Escobars past life and lifestyle . See where he was laid to rest, The Assassination, Common Living quarters and his Pimpin' Prison Cell
  • Tour Guide:
    An Escobar Approved English Speaking Guide will share in great detail the events that took place at each historic monument
  • Meals:
    We always add a little extra to our services and eating at local cuisine common to the barrio will make the experience personal for everyone . Includes 1 drink with meal
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We Do it like no other ! A completely private tour, guide and service taking you on a journey through the criminal mind of the worlds most notorious gangster . Your journey includes the following


Airport Meet and Greet

  • Schedule:
    Schedule airport meet and greet at least 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • Private Hostess:
    The Host or Hostess will meet you at the departing doors.
  • Destination:
    The Journey from the airport to most locations in your destination city.
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Best Nightclubs in Medellin

With the slowing down of the pandemic, we are seeing a revival of the amazing nightlife which once blessed the streets of Medellin. Hundreds of travelers are now being seen making their way through various nightlife venues including bars, restaurants, and clubs. As of June, all nightlife restrictions have been lifted and travelers are welcome to come and enjoy the nocturnal excitement that is characteristic of Medellin. The nightlife in Medellin is mostly found in and around Parque Lleras. There are over 100 venues to speak of but we will only b covering the best and newest venues where you can dance and party with locals and visitors a like.



Located 1 block from Parque Lleras bolivar has been a top club for years now. This mix of urban, crossover and Latin beats plays host to a mix of travelers and locals ensuring you get the most exposure to the local talent that isn’t working at an hourly rate. The Club is situated on Calle 10 and often forms a decent queue after the after of 11 pm. If you look to arrive early you are ensured access to the VIP section for bottle service but get there too late and your only accommodations will be on the dance floor bumping elbows with other club-goers. Regardless if you are purchasing bottle service or general entry everyone must pay a 30mil peso entry fee on weekends.

The venue has a few separate rooms, but all the action is centered on the main dance floor bordered by a long bar serving economically priced drinks with beers starting at 3 dollars and cocktails from 6. Bottle service starts at 120 per bottle and will run about 170 for the premiums including Patron and Goose all taxes and tips included. After 2 am you will start to see people emptying out onto the streets which also presents a great opportunity to practice your Spanish and find some fun for the night.



Located in the Provenza district 2blocks north of Parque Lleras this is a multi-level venues that serve up all ranges of music starting with deep house in the basement, urban/crossover on the main floor, mixed Latin beats on the 3rd, and rock on the 4th. This array of sound will suit any group's pallet so nobody can complain about the ambiance. The club itself is a favorite amongst the hipper local and you can always find a great ratio of women to men if you are rolling in an all-guy group. Just outside the doors of the venue is Provenza Park and there are plenty of other areas to sit and drink and find talent if you want to walk outside for a smoke or to catch some fresh air.

The venue is economical considering the talent its servicing up. Hours are 9 – 2am or later and a 20mil peso cover is what you will encounter on the weekends. On weekends you can expect to find a que and packed venue making it worthwhile to arrive early if you plan on getting a table to house your party.

Saloon Amador

Saloon Amador

The place for Deep House and International DJs is at the Saloon. Located 2 blocks from Lleras Saloon Amador opens at 10 pm and runs till 3 or 4 am depending on the DJ performance on display. Amador is for hardcore house music lovers and it's worth the hefty 50mil peso entry free when a celebrity on the decks otherwise you can plan on spending 30mil to make it in. The drinks at this venue are uncharacteristically expensive for the area beers run 20mil and cocktails start at 40mil mostly because the majority of people attending are usually engaging in other recreational activities. It goes without saying that purchasing bottle service is a good idea for the added cost you will have a place to relax when the floor is jammed.

This is a must-visit venue for house enthusiasts regardless of cost Saloon Amador is a staple in the area and attracts the best talent in and around Medellin. The energy is always high here and the only work you will need to put in is paying the bill at the end of the night. It's dark inside but has an elevated roof and outside Terrazas to relax and catch a breath. The location makes it ideal to visit and you can count on a good time any night they are open Thursday – Saturday.



No explanation I needed for those who know about this place. Located inside Lleras park Gusto Nightclub is a working girls' haven where you can dance to some of Medellín’s best local DJs and run game all night long without fail. Nearly the entire local is open for negotiation except for the entry fee of 30mil pesos you will pay to enter through its doors. The VIP sections in any Medellin Nightclub are always recommended as they are economical and are well attended by staff and Gusto is no exception. The music is Urban/Crossover and the dance floor is constantly in motion. With a girl-to-guy ratio of 3:1, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone complaining upon exiting. If you leave this place empty-handed it's probably best to pack your bags and head back home.

The drink prices in Gusto are pricey. They know their clientele and price it out accordingly Beers will run about 15mil pesos each, cocktails around 35mil and Bottles service the premium stuff is 180 for Goose and Patron all-inclusive. The VIP Sections are well laid out so if you arrive early, you are ensured a great position it is also recommended to make reservations in advance if you are fanatical about placement as this place packs it out EVERY NIGHT of the week.

As nightlife aficionados, we hope you enjoyed this overview of some of Medellin’s Best Nightclubs. We are actively updating this list to best reflect the ever-evolving excitement opening its doors nightly. Regardless if you are into clubs or prefer the bar scene nearly every venue around Parque Lleras has something to offer every night of the weekend. It's good to know that there are no seasons and any time of the year you will find an energetic scene on the streets with the weekends being the strongest.