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Medellin Parque Lleras Bar
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Medellin Parque Lleras Bar

Your are going to find many reference to Parques Lleras throughout our website and for good reason is simply the best place to party in Medellin. Yes, there are pockets of excitement outside of the City however when it comes to getting everything in one place most nights of the week Lleras is the place to be. Located between Calle 9 & 10 , Lleras is a small park wedged in the heart of Poblado's where you will find the upper class residents. The Area is littered with Restaurants, Trendy Clothing Shops, Liqoreras (Drinking Holes), a few clubs and bars, bars and more bars.

When discussing Lleras It’s fair to include areas within walking distance as this is potentially where you will end up throughout the course of the night. Provenza is an up and coming area spanning 5 street blocks and juxtapose to the Lleras, here is where you will find a more distinguished crowd of Colombians and affluent visitors to the area. During the day Lleras is a quiet consisting mostly of people working in the immediate vicinity enjoying lunch or a few back packers making their way through the streets in order to find a cheap $3 meal.

Things start to pickup around dinner time unless its Sunday and a Football game (Medellin National) is playing then you will find and amazing display of fanatic fans including gorgeous women drinking their way to a win (event if they loose) the party will still continue on into the night. Its quite the experience. Also, If you are fortunate enough to visit on a holiday weekend you will find Lleras to be lively on a Sunday afternoon as well. As a good golden nugget ‘Office’ is the place to be during National Football Games and make sure to wear Green! Check our events calendar to find out what holiday weekends and special events are being held so you can play your vacation accordingly.

When comparing Parque Lleras and Provenza its best to start your night in Provenza then walk your way down a few blocks to lleras. The Gastronomia in Medellin in particular has really picked up steam when compared to Bogota and Cartagena. Consisting mostly of ‘Restaurantes’ local shops in which the food is cooked outside in someone’s garage a few 5 star establishments are making their way into the mainstream as well as a few top notch chefs to go along with the growth. Some notable eateries include Burdo (Trendy/Eclectic), Humo (Awesome Carne) , Bicicleta (Trendy Place with Good Food) and too many more to name all within walking distance. In reality if you start your night with dinner in Provenza you will ultimately find a restaurant to satisfy your hunger within minutes. Unless its a weekend most restaurants will not have a waiting line although some of the more popular venues in Provenza may have a wait no longer then 20 minutes depending on your time of arrival.

As the night wears on you will see the crowds begin to form in and around the bars and lounges as the nightclubs usually don’t pickup until after 11pm. Provenza will start things earlier in the night so if your done with dinner head over to any of the street side bars prior to making your way over to the higher energy establishments in Lleras after 10pm. After getting a few drinks in your system you will feel like your participating in one huge bar crawl. Walking from place to place there is so much activity in the streets and neighboring business that you can’t help but sample what each has to offer. If your looking to make a quick connection with some locals some good spots to start out at include Juan Valdez, Lucia at the Charlee Hotel, Chupa Shots (Always Drunk Chicks here) and Tropical Cocktails. There are a handful of other nightlife venues you can attend each with decent activity depending on the time of night but visiting lleras anytime between 10 - 2am you won’t be able to keep your senses straight so don’t plan ahead too much.

Any special event happening in Medellin will result in crowds making their way to lleras. When you have a few minutes to spare its advised yo do a walking tour of the area and explore the local community that makes up this party zone. You will find great Heladerias (Ice Cream Shops), Internet Cafes, Parks and street vendors all offering local delicacies and hand crafted ornaments to save you time and money shopping in the malls or airport on your way back home. No matter what the size of your groups spending a considerable amount of time in Parque Lleras is recommended especially if your out to party and its your first time to Medellin.