Medellin VIP Airport Pickup
Medellin VIP Airport Pickup
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Medellin VIP Airport Pickup

Nobody wants to have to hail a taxi or deal with the nuisances of public transportation after a long flight. There has been no traveler throughout time that’s been excited about figuring out transportation after they’ve landed, which is why plenty of places put into effect airport pickup. Hotels are big on their airport pickup, and while it’s convenient, there’s really nothing glamorous about it. You pile into a van with about a dozen other passengers and hope that your stuff doesn’t get damaged by the less-than-careful handler. It’s just another added layer of stress to traveling, one you really don’t have to put up with if you give us a call today. What can we do for you? We have can have one of our expert, private drivers waiting for you upon your arrival.

You’ve seen the black-suited drivers with the nameplates beckoning their respective travelers, and chances are you’ve been jealous that one of them wasn’t waiting for you. Who says you can’t enjoy that luxury, though? We’ll show you that you can. Just pick up the phone, dial our toll free number, and we can hook you up with the same great impeccable service you’ve been wanting.

As your plane lands on the tarmac, one of our professional, courteous drivers will be waiting for you. Depending on the size of your party or special requests you may have made, you’ll also have anything from a town car to a stretch limousine waiting outside for you. The driver will help you with your bags and not with the intention of being tipped, but because it’s how they guarantee you truly enjoy your experience. Being picked up from the airport is a luxury, but to have your own personal driver, your own private vehicle, is something far beyond luxurious.

There’s also a minor perk to booking your airport pick-up through us. Our drivers aren’t just courteous, they’re in tune with the city. They know all of the hot spots, where you will want to eat, where is best to get a drink, and which parts of town you want to avoid. It’ll be like you have your own private tour guide for a small portion of your trip. Take what these drivers say to heart as they are as good of a source for information as any.

If you’re not sold on our airport pickup services yet, than frankly you probably never will be. It’s convenient, it’s fast and easy, and it’s one of the most luxurious things you’ll do on your stay here in Medellin. Call us today and schedule your airport pickup.