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What’s the most inconvenient thing about traveling to a brand new location? We think it’s having absolutely not idea where you’re going, what to do, and how to get there. Some people like to rectify that dilemma with pamphlets of the surroundingcity, but that’s so 1990’s. These days, there’s a new, guaranteed means of getting to know that city; and here in Medellin, Colombia, your own personal driver is exactly that method. Through Colombia VIP Services, you’ll be privy to your very own private driver – an individual familiar with the local hot spots that is yours for however you wish to book them for.

With your own personal driver, you, of course, will get transportation to any location you desire. Your driver may have a few tips and tricks on how to enjoy the city, such as local hotspots that you would never know about had they not been suggested by someone in the know. The greatest perk that comes with a personal driver, outside of never having to step behind the wheel during your vacation, is the exclusive look at Medellin that you will get.

You may want to try some local cuisine and, during your research, have found a certain place to be a tourist favorite. Tourists may love it because it’s familiar, though, and not so much because it gives a great representation of Colombian cuisine. Your personal driver will most likely have a different suggestion in mind for you, a place that really does Medellin’s cuisine justice. It may be a little hole in the wall, but you can trust your driver to not steer you wrong – he does have to drive around with just you for quite a while.


While you’re adventuring around Medellin, you may also be itching for some private hotspots that tourists wouldn’t normally know about. You don’t want to go where all the tourists go – it’s not as exciting as exploring the outskirts of the city blind; but you’re not into the thought of getting lost and essentially coming up empty handed. With a private driver, you can get access to the little nooks and crannies of Medellin that some tourists may be hesitant to even try to find. This will give you a unique experience on your trip, something that very few tourists will be able to say.

So, do you want to struggle during your trip to Medellin, or do you want to have the best time possible? Chances are, you’re not looking to spend the bulk of your time trying to find something enjoyable and new to do. With a personal driver from Colombia VIP Services, you’ll have all of that information right at your disposal.