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With the nightlife district in Colombia buzzing night after night, it is no easy task to get a table. If you do manage to get one, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re in for. Just like the United States, cities in Colombia like Medellin and Cartagena offer bottle service designed for patrons who are willing to pay for premium service. Bottle service is the ultimate way to really party it up in Colombia. It’s a magnet for beautiful women and will guarantee a great time at one of numerous local nightclubs. If you’re planning a visit to Cartagena, here’s what you should know about bottle service.

Bottle service in Colombia works much like it does in the States. You have the opportunity to reserve your own private table in a VIP section of the nightclub or lounge. This area may be roped off from the rest of the club or could simply be a table in the corner of the dance floor. Either way, you’ll have a place to drink and bring girls back to which is a major plus. While at your table, you’ll have a dedicated server who will bring your choice of spirts and mixers. There’s usually a minimum you must pay for a table.

Top Clubs in Colombia

Tin Tin Deo

Located in Valle del Cauca in Colombia, Tin Tin Deo is a popular salsa club that has even been recommended by the New York Times. You will find the nightclub on the second floor of the building which consists mostly of a large dance floor. This is a popular hangout amongst novice dancers, artists, and other free spirits. With its retro décor and lack of glitz and glamour, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time a couple of decades. However, what the venue lacks in modern appeal it makes up in charm.


WLocated in Bogota, Colombia, Theatron is a combination dance club, gay bar, and nightclub. Founded in 2002, the establishment has maintained its position as the central point in the local gay community. Theatron was built in an old movie theater that has 13 different dance floors, each with its own unique atmosphere and musical style. There is even an exclusive floor just for women. Stop in and grab a table with bottle service or stick to the dance floor where you’ll meet people of all walks of life.

La Topa Tolondra Nightclub

La Topa Tolondra Nightclub in Cali is a bustling disco club that draws in a mixed crowd of locals, foreigners, young, and old. The diverse nightclub is within walking distance of a number of hostels in the San Antonio neighborhood. The welcoming establishment features a large dance floor where you’ll find most of the patrons dancing, socializing, and drinking. While the club may be smaller than many of the others in Colombia, it is always packed. This is partially due to the cheap drinks available and partially because of the laidback and friendly atmosphere.

Visiting a nightclub is almost inevitable when visiting Colombia. On nearly every street you’ll find a bar, lounge, or club to visit, and sometimes numerous venues on the same street allowing you to hop from club to club. While not all nightclubs in Colombia offer bottle service, those that do are often sought after. Bottle service allows privileged patrons the opportunity to enjoy a night of VIP service that is not available to the average club-goer. While bottle service can be costly, it can actually be an affordable way to enjoy a Colombian club when you split the bill with a group of friends.