Glamping in Guatape
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Glamping in Guatape

Enjoying a romantic evening in the Medellin outdoor is best done with a night of glamping. over the past few years numerous clamping spots have sprung up all throughout the city but non have attracted more campers than Glamping in Guatape. There are a number of glamp sites each providing their own unique services to attract a particular client. At Colombia vip services we enjoy focusing our attention only on unique providers that will give you stories and memories to last a lifetime.

The town of Guatape plays host to the best clamping sites with relatively close proximity to Medellin just about 90 minutes from the city center. The climate is perfect both during the day and at night. During the day the sun heats the surface of the lake making it pleasurable to lounge in the water either by boat or watercraft just be sure your glamp site is located directly on the lake. At Night, a starry sky will entertain your eyes for hours as in addition the moonlit lake as a backdrop (This is really as picturesque as it sounds.) In addition, If you are an adventurous couple there are a number of activities (land and water) all of which are offered as part of the ecoMYNT VIP glamping experience.

Found one mile in-between both the town of Guatape and The Rock of Penol, The ecoMYNT glamping experience offers services unique to those seeking an edgy twist to a romantic evening. As an adults-only venue, it plays host to the most eccentric couples and those seeking the adventurous outdoors of Latin America. What makes the experience so unique is its accessibility to the amenities and services offered by the 5-star hotel just next door at no extra cost.


So what makes the Glamping experience at ecoMYNT so great? Firstly, the actual glamp site, sits above the 5-star hotel while still offering complete privacy with a private entrance accessible only from the rear to the 3 oversized bungalows. To mention these aren’t your standard Bungalows is and understatement each encompassing sound proof walls, air conditioning, private balconies, and more (for a detailed room description click here).

The Bungalows have their own private planetarium which is elevated about the king-sized beds giving you viewing access to the sky above and its starry surroundings as you lay next to your loved on. This custom glamp experience will bring romance to any visiting couples without having the hastle of managing the excitement of what lies ahead for their evening under the stars.

Guatape Adventure

Guatape Adventure

  • Transportation:
    Like all our tours we only offer Private Bus Chater , Drinks + FreeWifi onboard ! hell yea..
  • Rock Climb:
    Journey up 180 flights of stairs to reach the summit of South America’s Largest Granite Rock!
  • Boating:
    A Large Boat will take you on to the water for hours of Partying, DJ, Captain & Colombian BBQ Included!
  • Tour:
    A Walking Tour the Historic City Center and preview all the great architecture, food and culture before heading back home!
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A full day of adventure and will be remembered as the milestone for your event.This is our most popular tour and is loaded with everything lasting nearly 8 hours!

Guatape Boat Party

Guatape Boat Party

  • Transportation:
    Hotel pick up & Drop off
  • Boat Rental:
    VIP rentals for a day, supplied with food and drinks
  • DJ:
    Local DJ to host the party
  • Girls:
    Hot girls to chaperon your event.
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The main advantage of ‘The ecoMYNT Glamping Experience’ is that you are able to share in on all of the higher end amenities offer by the ecoMYNT hotel. This includes the 1 swimming pool and 1 heated jacuzzi pool, a lounge and reading area, a professional kitchen and watercraft toys available only to staying guests. Did we also mention that this particular experience includes all you can drink premium coffee, beer and a mixologist on site to give you a personalized social experience either in the privacy of your bungalow or amongst all the guests in attendance at the site.

The Glamp site is more of a boutique service being offering by the hotel to attract couples and those seeking a greater connection to nature with the intention of enjoying their stay as five-star service under the stars. Booking your ecoMYNT Bungalow can be done directly through this website,, Airbnb or any major travel hotel website! Guests of ColombiaVIPServices will receive discounts off the retail listed price found on any of the online platforms.